Kitchen Organization: Part 1

The kitchen – the “Heart of the Home,” the gathering spot for morning breakfast, afternoon snack, school homework and so much more. With one space serving every member of the family in so many different ways, why wouldn’t you want this area organized and functional?

This post welcomes you into the Heart of My Home. I will be covering this topic in two different blog posts ( “Part 1” and “Part 2“), in order to adequately provide location by location organizational tips. First up… the kitchen drawers!



Keep silverware clean and tidy with in-drawer organizers. This simple solution divides items by type and size. I prefer clear acrylic organizers for easy cleaning, however colored plastic and or wooden containers are also available.

In one drawer, I store “every-day” utensils and in another, I store a higher quality, stainless steel set. You will also notice that I keep my knives in the drawer as well, which I prefer over a knife block on the counter.



*All containers used within these drawers were purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond. Products include: InterDesign® Linus Acrylic Expandable Cutlery Tray (2, $24.99 each), 3×9 InterDesign® Linus Acrylic Drawer Organizer (2, $3.99), 6×15 InterDesign® Linus Acrylic Drawer Organizer (1, $6.99).

Cooking Utensils

Next to the “every-day” flatware drawer, I also store miscellaneous cooking utensils, including whisks, peelers and zesters. This drawer typically holds utensils that I do not use on a daily basis. Instead, I store “every-day” cooking accessories, such as spatulas and wooden spoons, in a ceramic utensil bucket next to the stove top.


*The two containers used within this drawers were purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond. Both organizers are the InterDesign® Linus Expandable Drawer Organizer (2, $36.99 each).

Paper Products

The main drawer along the long counter is reserved for our paper products. This drawer is located at a child-friendly height and is easily found by guests in our home. Additionally, it is located within the main prep/serve area, making a quick napkin grab, easy as pie!


Plastic Storage Containers

Plastic storage containers are the ideal filler for our lower pull-out drawer, as they are all stored in a single, child safe spot. I find this far more effective than using a cabinet, as they all stack neatly inside. Gone are the days of opening the dreaded Tupperware cabinet and having all the plastic pieces fall onto your head! Plus, this drawer has quickly become my toddler’s favorite source of entertainment while in the kitchen!


Baby / Child Products

Just above the Tupperware is a drawer containing all of Mason’s essentials – fruit/veggie pouches, snacks and bottles. All items stored within this drawer are toddler safe and are accessed frequently by both mommy and baby.


Other Items

I reserve any additional drawer space for miscellaneous items, such as pot-holders and dish rags, as well as office supplies.


Thank you for reading and tune in next time for “Kitchen Organization: Part 2”, where we will move on to kitchen cabinets! As always, feel free to comment below with any questions or feedback or to contact me directly!

– B

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