Kitchen Organization: Part 2

In this post we are continuing the discussion on organizing the “Heart of the Home”, with a specific focus on kitchen cabinets. If you have not already read “Kitchen Organization: Part 1”, you check it out now for simple inspiration for keeping the kitchen drawers tidy and efficient!

Day to Day Plates & Bowls 

Store everyday items such as casual plates and bowls in a central, easy to access location. In my home, this upper cabinet is located in the middle of the main counter, directly across from the kitchen island. In terms of in-cabinet organization, I prefer and recommend grouping similar / the same items together to ensure a proper fit and safe stack. When it comes to storage height, store the most frequently accessed items (for us, dinner plates and a few large cereal bowls) on the lowest shelf, reserving harder to reach areas for less commonly used dishes.

Serving Dishes / Plates 

The large upper cabinet furthest from the main prep/serving space is reserved for fragile, in-frequently used serving bowls, platters and baking dishes. These items are used most commonly for larger family gatherings and holidays. Although these dishes are rarely used, I prefer to store them in a large, upper cabinet for safe keeping. As you can see, I also store K Cups in this cabinet, strictly because our counter-top Keurig is located directly beneath.

Glasses & Mugs 

Next to refrigerator and also in a central location, is home to our everyday glassware. The only strategy here is to again, reserve the lowest shelf for the most commonly accessed items (water / juice glasses).


One of my favorite parts of my kitchen is my glass, corner cabinet, which is specifically designed as a feature cabinet for everyday wine glasses, monogrammed glasses and champagne flutes. Additional barware / stemware is also stored in the dining room.

Casserole Dishes & Cookware

Two of our lower cabinets are specifically designed with organization in mind! I highly recommend two-tier pullout drawers to anyone with lower cabinets to maximize storage space, provide easy access and also prevent breakage. This particular cabinet is located within the kitchen island and is home to miscellaneous cookware items, including a dutch oven, grill / griddle pan and several casserole dishes.

Pots & Pans 

The second pull-out cabinet is reserved for our pots and pans. The two-tier system works perfectly for organizing and accessing sauce pans, sauté pans, frying pans and more. This particular cabinet is located across from the island and directly next to the stove, a convenient location for cooking all of our family meals.

Small Appliances & Additional Serving Accessories

Miscellaneous items, including our Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, Panini press and specialty serving equipment are also stored in a lower cabinet. These items are used far less frequently than our cookware and pots/pans, which is they are stored in a cabinet without the pull-out drawer system.

Of course layout and organization within any kitchen will vary based on the allotted space and number of cabinets. However, designating storage areas based on frequency of use and location of use, will certainly make a world of difference.

Thank you for reading and as always, feel free to comment below with any questions or feedback or to contact me directly!

– B

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