Hi! I am Brittany, the voice behind The Modern Juggle, a blog filled with advice and inspiration pertaining to home organization, heartful cooking and managing the many facets of both family and work life!



Based in Massachusetts, I am proud wife, mother and work from home marketing professional. Like many out there, I strive to achieve that “perfect” balance between work, home, and family life; which as many of you know can be a rewarding, yet daunting task. There is so much pressure today to do it all; be the perfect parent, the perfect spouse, the perfect employee, all while maintaining the perfect home and a perfectly manicured appearance. Well news flash, there is no such thing! We are all just trying to get by and do our very best for ourselves and our family.

mason_dsc_6636While I continue to navigate these new and evolving roles, I look forward to sharing my experiences with my readers. Thank you sharing in my journey and I look forward to connecting with you all!

– Brittany