Postpartum Must Haves

Hey mamas! I’m nearly three weeks postpartum and excited to share some products that made my recovery as easy and as comfortable as possible. All items will be linked for your convenience!

Postpartum Comfort

Although the hospital provides many of the postpartum essentials that you will need, I also suggest purchasing a few of your own items to aid in your comfort in the days / weeks following delivery. I packed all of these items in my hospital bag and honestly can’t recommend them enough. In addition to the personal care items, I also recommend some postpartum clothing for rest / sleep.

Disposable Underwear

Say goodbye to mesh underwear and hello to a much more comfortable option!

Perineal Ice Packs

Cooling relief for your sensitive areas and also a perfect solution to breast engorgement!

Sleep Bras

Provides nighttime nursing access and added comfort when engorged.


The most comfortable pajamas for pregnancy, postpartum and beyond!


The first few weeks of breastfeeding is always the hardest; between engorgement, establishing your milk supply and also working on a good latch. The following items alleviated much of the early discomfort and made the breastfeeding transition that much easier.

Nipple Shields

A must have for those struggling with latch and suffering from sore or cracked nipples.

Nipple Cream

Apply after nursing to quickly treat damaged nipples.

Cooling Pads

Cooling relief for nipple discomfort. Store in the refrigerator and use after nursing.

Breast Pads

Avoid leaks with these disposable pads.

Silicone Breast Pump

The key to a freezer stash! Simply adhere to the opposite breast when nursing, catch the let-down and store for later.

Sterilization Bags

No more boiling pump parts, bottles or pacifiers! Sterilize with ease in the microwave.

Nursing Bras

Nurse easily and on-demand with a comfortable nursing bra. These provide more support than a sleep bra.

I truly hope this post is helpful for any and all expecting mommas out there. Everyone’s postpartum journey is so vastly different but with rest, support of family and friends and these care items, I can honestly say that this recovery has been my easiest of all three.

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    Stephanie Shew

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  3. […] Postpartum Must Haves […]

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