Silent No More: My Postpartum Struggle

Today's post is one that I thought I would never share. It is raw, it is unfiltered and it is REAL. When we hear the words "postpartum depression" we often think of stereotypes shown in movies... the overtired and un-showered mom, crying alone in the bathroom or sobbing as she rocks an inconsolable baby. And... Continue Reading →

I’m BACK! Life Update

Hellooooo everyone! I am BAACK! After a long (very long) hiatus, I am so happy to say that The Modern Juggle is back in action! Now, where did we leave off? Oh yeah, my pregnancy! The very last post that I shared with you all was our exciting gender reveal. And while I had every... Continue Reading →

Gender Reveal: It’s a Boy!

Yesterday we received the amazing news that we will be welcoming a baby BOY into our family in November! This new addition will bring our household to a family of 4, with two little boys running the show and we couldn't be more excited! I had a strong gut instinct since the beginning that this... Continue Reading →

The Story Behind The Modern Juggle

Happy two months from The Modern Juggle! Thank you all for your support and readership, I hope you have enjoyed reading my posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them. When I first started this blog, I was excited to dedicate some "free" time into something that was exclusively mine. As a parent and... Continue Reading →

10 Steps to Freeing Up Your Weekends

For many, Monday through Friday is an absolute whirlwind; a juggling act of commitments and obligations from work life, to school, home-life and everything in between. With weekdays jam-packed from sunup to sundown, many are left with cramming household responsibilities into the two weekend days, which ultimately takes you away from your well-deserved personal /... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy Update: 15 Weeks 

At 15 weeks (tomorrow) I am so happy to report that I am officially into the second trimester of my pregnancy! We were fortunate enough to see our growing babe on ultrasound at 12.5 weeks and all was developing perfectly. Our little one was camera happy and cooperated for several amazing profile shots. With a... Continue Reading →

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