Mason’s “Big Boy” Room

Once we found out that we were expecting again, we knew that we wanted to do something special for Mason's room. Although still a baby at the time, we thought it best to move him out of the dedicated "nursery" and into one of the former guest rooms that would soon become his "big boy"... Continue Reading →

Gavin’s Nursery

The boy's rooms have become two of my favorites in the house. Nothing is sweeter than an adorable kids room or a quaint nursery where your littles will grow, play and develop. Gavin's nursery is painted in Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore and has subtle accents of white and blue sprinkled throughout.  While we don't... Continue Reading →

Budget Friendly Laundry Room Makeover

Laundry... everyone's favorite household chore! It feels never ending (because it is) and is a task that is unfortunately inevitable but having a space that works for you can make all of the difference. In my house we have a laundry "closet"; an extension of our main floor powder room that is functional and convenient... Continue Reading →

Kitchen Organization: Part 2

In this post we are continuing the discussion on organizing the "Heart of the Home", with a specific focus on kitchen cabinets. If you have not already read "Kitchen Organization: Part 1", you check it out now for simple inspiration for keeping the kitchen drawers tidy and efficient. Day to Day Plates & Bowls  Store... Continue Reading →

Kitchen Organization: Part 1

The kitchen - the "Heart of the Home," the gathering spot for morning breakfast, afternoon snack, school homework and so much more. With one space serving every member of the family in so many different ways, why wouldn't you want this area organized and functional? This post welcomes you into the Heart of My Home.... Continue Reading →

Linen Closet Organization

Depending on location and size, linen closets can be multi-functional storage areas within your home, housing a variety of items, ranging from towels, sheets and paper goods, to toiletries and cleaning products. Many household linen closets may seem too small to be functional or may store too many randomly sized / shaped items to maintain... Continue Reading →

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