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Baby Delight Beside Me™ Dreamer Assembly & Review

Hi moms, welcome back to the blog! In today’s post and video I’m sharing the assembly and my first impressions of the Baby Delight Beside Me™ Dreamer. This product serves as a standalone bassinet and bedside sleeper and we look forward to using it with our daughter in a few short weeks!

*Thank you Baby Delight Inc. for gifting me this bassinet. All opinions are my own.

Setup & Assembly

The Baby Delight Beside Me™ Dreamer offers an easy, tool free assembly. At 31 weeks pregnant, I was able to set up the bassinet in under 10 minutes and easily convert it back and forth between the bassinet and bedside sleeper option. The unassembled product was a bit heavy and I’d therefore recommend having assistance with removing it from the box.

Design & Functionality

This product is very well designed, offering a neutral and sleek look. Once assembled the bassinet is easy to transport from room to room, as desired.

There are 6 adjusting height settings to suit your needs and to match the height of your adult bed. The frame is very sturdy and the walls of the bassinet are made of breathable, mesh fabric.

The product is also equipped with anchors to secure the bassinet to an adult bed when used in bedside sleeper mode.

Initial Thoughts

I’m very satisfied with the design and versatility of this product. I feel secure in using it as a bassinet and bedside sleeper and really like having the option to do both. Assembly was quick and easy and the aesthetic is very nice.

I’d absolutely recommend this product and believe it offers more versatility than other products on the market. For the complete review and assembly I welcome you to watch my video. Please remember to subscribe!

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