Lollipop Baby Camera Setup & Review

I received the Lollipop Baby Camera in preparation for baby number three and I was so excited to try it out! Not only is this the cutest monitor that I’ve ever seen but it also offers several unique features that really caught my eye.

In today’s post I’ll be covering the different camera functions and providing an honest review. Please note that while this item was gifted, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Product Overview

The Lollipop Smart Camera is a WiFi based video monitor that uses App technology to stream video from your child’s room or nursery, directly to your phone or smart device. I love the sleek and adorable design and fun color options (shown in Cotton Candy).

Product Highlights

The Lollipop Smart Camera offers several unique features including:

  • All in One Detection: This device not only detects activity and sounds, including crying and climbing out of the crib, but it also sends notifications to the parent’s device and offers the ability to “play back” a recording of the detected activity. This is something I’ve never seen before and I think is very valuable for parents!
  • Multi-Streaming Mode: If you have more than one child and more than one monitor, you can view all cameras in the app, in one split screen.
  • Audio Only Mode: Continue to hear in-room audio even when your device’s screen is turned off. This is beneficial for nighttime when parents are sleeping.
  • Built-In Speaker: Talk to your baby or play soothing sounds through the built-in speaker. Many music and sound options are available including white noise, ocean waves, womb sounds and more.
  • Advanced Night Vision: View high quality video even when your child’s room is dark.

Setup Options

The camera can be set up in three ways – self standing using the non-toxic silicone leg, crib mounted using the leg clip (our crib bars were too thick for this option) or wall mounted. Either way the camera is not battery operated and must remain plugged in at all times.


I fell in love with the design and color of this camera and hoped the functionality matched its appearance and so far, it does!

The camera was very easy to set up using the different mounting options. We decided to use the wall mount for long term as it provides the best viewing angle and is also out of arms reach.

Upon downloading the app, I found it fairly user friendly. Although there were many options and features, the step by step guide made it easy to follow.

The camera quality is very good, offering a clear picture in daylight and night vision and all sound options (talk, white noise and music) were very clear on the receiving end. So far, I’m impressed!

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