Toddler Friendly Craft Boxes

I’m so excited to share my latest mom hack with you all! In an effort to organize our craft supplies and make them more accessible for our toddlers, I scooped up this amazing container from Michaels Stores.

It provides two layers of storage, perfect for paper / coloring books and loose items, including markers, crayons, stickers and stamps. The best part – it’s on sale for only $6.99, down from $14.99.

As my kids get older, we can swap out supplies; but for now, I intentionally filled it with washable, mess-free items and made sure it was light enough for them to carry.

I’m storing it in plain sight in the family room, so they can help themselves. I’m already seeing them chose coloring over TV; can you say MOM WIN!? I’m also considering picking up another one for the car.

Scoop them up while the sale lasts! Pre-filled kits would also make fantastic birthday gifts!

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