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It’s the new year and everyone is motivated to get organized and reduce clutter. In our house we live by the motto, “If you don’t need it, aren’t using it or don’t love it… get rid of it”.

In today’s post and video, I’m sharing my own tips and tricks for maintaining a “clutter-free” home. Please remember to subscribe!

SPOILER-ALERT! One of my biggest tips for reducing clutter is using baskets and containers. I use them to not only group like items, but also to reduce physical and visual clutter throughout my entire home.

As you will see, I have a bin, basket or container for everything from toys and crafts, to household bills, blankets and even remote controls. I find that having a dedicated spot for everything, not only makes clean-up easy, but also eliminates build up on the various household surfaces.

I also use drawer inserts and storage furniture to further categorize and organize items. If “it” doesn’t fit (and you don’t NEED it), get rid of it!

Additionally, I use simple decor, consistent colors and wall art / collages, (as opposed to table-top frames), as another way to eliminate the look of clutter.

I invite to you to watch the following video for more tips and for a “clutter-free” house tour. I’ll be taking you inside my kitchen cabinets, drawers and main-floor closets. Enjoy!

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