Back to School Must Haves

It’s that time of year again, back to school! While many districts have already gone back, we still have one more week before Mason begins pre-school.

Here’s a list of our favorite items that rounded out our back to school list this year. Since he’s just entering pre-k, school supplies, such as markers, glue-sticks, crayons, etc. were not needed. All items will be linked at the end of the post!

New Backpack

New backpack every year or use last year’s? Which side of the debate are you on?

We will see where I stand after years and years of school, but for now I enjoyed getting Mason a fun new backpack and lunchbox that he will love to take each and every day.

I’m well aware of the a safety concerns surrounding names on backpacks, however I decided to order one with initials on it. Of course you can get adorable bags anywhere (Target, Walmart, PBK, Amazon, etc.), however I wanted to splurge for his first year and get him one that stands out from the rest.

His embroidered bag is by Stephen Joseph and was ordered through ItsyBitsyWear on Etsy. Their line of bags is also available on Amazon, although customization may not be available.

Lunch & Snack Containers

In addition to the backpack and lunchbox, I also purchased several containers for lunch and snacks.

While Bento style boxes are a favorite in our house, some of the ones available, such as the infamous brand “BENTGO”, are not easy for my young kid’s to open / close and also take up the ENTIRE Lunchbox.

Enter in the easier, cheaper and smaller solution from “EasyLunchBoxes“. Their colorful containers are a fraction of the price and can be easily opened and closed by my pre-schooler and the best part, it’s microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe!

I ordered two sets of 4, one set in the 4-compartment snack box and another in the 3-compartment sandwich container. These provide a practical and age appropriate way for my kids to enjoy a variety of items whether we are at home or on the go.

Ice Packs

Going along with the lunch box items, thin ice packs that easily fit within a packed lunchbox, while also keeping items cold are a must have. These colorful ones are available on Amazon and are the perfect back to school find!

Water Bottle

We have been using the Camelback Eddy water bottle for a while now and it’s become our go to bottle for both boys! Although a bit pricier than some others, the Camelback is available in so many different colors / prints and replacement parts, including straws and spouts are also available.

This bottle easily fits into the side pocket of Mason’s backpack and also inside the lunchbox itself, along with any of the containers discussed above.

Grape Cutter

Grapes are one of those foods that give most parents anxiety. Many private schools and daycares won’t even allow their younger students to bring whole grapes due to the choking risk. OXO capitalized on this by coming out with a plunger-style grape cutter that quickly and easily quarters grapes for your little ones. No more cutting yourself in the morning while prepping lunches!

Watch My Video!

So that’s going to do it for the written portion of today’s post! I hope this information was helpful for you in prepping your kids for back to school! If you haven’t already, I invite you to watch my school lunch video and welcome you to shop the post below!

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