How I Became My Own Boss: Tips For Working From Home

In today’s professional world it is so common to work from home. Companies across the United States (and world) are welcoming the idea of working remotely to cater to the hectic schedules of their valued employees and to also cut down on costs.

As a marketing consultant, I am fortunate in that I have the ability to work exclusively out of my home and to dictate my own schedule. Prior to kid’s I worked in an office setting, while frequently traveling for business and occasionally working from home, as needed.

Now, after having my boys, I’ve devised a plan to remain an active stay at home mom, while also contributing financially to my family and building a professional portfolio.

I welcome you to watch the following video where I explain how I became my own boss at 25 and how you too can transition to a similar career path.

After watching be sure to read “10 Steps to Successfully Working from Home” and “Day In the Life of a Work from Home Mom”

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