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New School Routine + Fun Writing Activities For Kids

Hello everyone!

We’ve made some BIG changes to our schedule over the last few weeks; Mason started preschool!

Following his third birthday we enrolled Mason in a five day a week, morning program through our local elementary school. We figured he would love the social interaction and would also benefit from a more consistent learning & play environment. It’s been three weeks now and he is absolutely LOVING it!


Day one was a HUGE adjustment for the both of us. There were a lot of tears (more from me than him), but we’ve since adjusted and are so happy with our decision to send him at this young age.

In the last few weeks, we’ve already seen a tremendous improvement in Mason’s listening skills and are also amazed to see how much his social skills have grown in such a short amount of time.

Promoting Skills at Home  

Each week Mason has come home with a sight word stick, which we practice at home. The first week his stick read “Oh No!”; to which he replies, “Oh No”. “O. H. S” (as if he is trying to spell it out). It is seriously too cute!

Since starting preschool, one of the things that we’ve been focusing on at home is reinforcing many of the skills that he is learning each day. We believe at this young age consistency and repetition is so important for toddler learning. 

We also prompt his recall by asking what he learned each day and more specifically, what they discussed in circle time. Although Mason is quick to say “I don’t know”, we now find him opening up and sharing more details of his day(s).

His favorite play activity definitely seems to be cooking in the toy kitchen with his friends. Last week they put on a pretend party that he was raving about all afternoon. I am so happy to see his imaginative play coming out!

Fun Activity Sheets 

We’ve also started integrating new learning activities, such fun educational worksheets.

This week (school vacation week), Mason had a blast trying to trace spring-themed words on a writing sheet from Education.com. While he is too young to read the words, we used this exercise as a way to work on his pencil grasp, fine motor control and also as a new way to identify letters. After the exercise, I encouraged Mason to decorate the worksheet using fun stickers and markers. He loved it!

Education.com is wonderful resource for parents and children, providing access to a wide range of activities for preschool through fifth grade. Visitors can gain access to a variety of worksheets, including maze, word search. crossword puzzle, word scramble, mathematics, spelling, matching and tracers.

I welcome you to download the “Crawlies” worksheet that Mason completed this week. Kids will love tracing the crawly critter words in this worksheet and parents will love the early writing skills they’ll practice! For more educational activities, visit Education.com.

Thank you all for following. I still can’t believe I am a preschool mom!

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