Interior Design: Mixing Elements, Colors & Textures

When it comes to interior design many people are afraid to break consistency and integrate various elements, including different colors, metals and textures; and truth be told, I was one of them. Today I am here to tell you how mixing elements, including hardware, fixtures and even accent pieces can (counter intuitively) enhance the cohesiveness of your home and add character and warmth.

When designing our home and selecting fixtures and decor, I was drawn to a mix of elements, from brushed nickel knobs & pulls, to bronze lighting and even chrome accents in kitchen and bathrooms. My selections surprised me as I have always been a “matchy-matchy” person and my skepticism was only heightened when a lighting designer labeled my taste as “eclectic”. Eclectic? I thought. I am not eclectic (as if that were a bad thing)!

I started to wonder if we knew what we were doing (and has first time home buyers / builders – we didn’t), but nonetheless, we trusted our instincts and moved forward with our original selections and were 100% validated when it all came together just PERFECTLY. From then on, I threw away all preconceived rules of interior design and am amazed at the result. By integrating various design styles and also by incorporating unique yet complimentary elements, we’ve created a cozy and cohesive aesthetic that is perfectly ours.

Follow me as I go room to room, sharing how we’ve tastefully integrated a mix of elements into the main floor. You will notice a subtle compilation of modern, coastal and rustic styles that blend together within our open concept space.

Entry Way


Notice the compilation of light and airy elements, including the white cabinetry and nickel hardware, paired with richer features, such as the bronze pendant lights. The granite counter tops serve as a perfect middle ground, blending together the light and bold tones into one cohesive design.

Eat-In Kitchen

The same wall color (Benjamin Moore Monroe Bisque) is carried from the kitchen into the remainder of the open concept space. The neutral paint color picks up the warm tones of the hardwood floor and also serves as a blank canvas for adding unique and contrasting decor elements on the wall.

You will see that I paired a rustic “HOME SWEET HOME” sign with a modern, black framed collage on either side of the window. While you may think these pieces don’t blend well, you’d be surprised to see how well they complement each other on the wall, while each offering its own look.

Additionally, you will see how I’ve integrated a new shade of wood (in the espresso dining table) that stands out against the natural wood floor color, while also playing into a similar color palette as the bronze lamp.

Family Room

As we move into the family room you will see a similar blend of colors and styles, with the bronze ceiling fan, black modern photo collage and rustic brown photo frames on the wall. You will also see the pairing of a rich espresso coffee table, with an espresso corner shelf and a lighter brown / gray organizer with geometric storage bins. In terms of texture, the room is set on a thick brown shag rug, which is a contrast to the nautical braided rug in the dining room and sleek hardwood floors.

Dining Room

This room again demonstrates how different shades of wood can play so nicely together. The natural finish of the table complements the floor, while the oak sideboard coordinates with the rustic signage and the framed artwork with the bronze chandelier. Despite these elements each having their own style individually, when paired together they create a unique and inviting space.


When looking at the sideboard decor, you will notice how I paired a sleek and modern black tray with rustic farmhouse, style elements, including the mason jar and candle stick. Separately these pieces represent a very different design aesthetic, however when paired together they compliment each other beautifully.

I hope you all enjoyed the virtual tour of my main floor! I hope this visual is helpful in demonstrating how a mix of colors, styles and accent pieces can make a space feel more unique and welcoming. Next time you are searching for a perfect match, consider breaking out of your comfort zone and selecting something unique!

Thank you for reading and please comment below with any questions!

– Brittany

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