Mason’s “Big Boy” Room

Once we found out that we were expecting again, we knew that we wanted to do something special for Mason’s room. Although still a baby at the time, we thought it best to move him out of the dedicated “nursery” and into one of the former guest rooms that would soon become his “big boy” room. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the tour of Gavin’s Nursery as well!

Mason’s room is painted in Benjamin Moore Solitude and follows a sports theme. In designing this space we knew that we wanted to give this room a more mature feel, even though he still required many of the baby essentials, such as a crib/toddler bed and changing station.

Like Gavin, Mason’s furniture is also part of the Medford Collection by Munire Furniture and was purchased through Wayfair in the color Espresso. We also added a matching nightstand to the set to fill out the large room. The bed is amazing in that it converts into four different stages that grow with your child; crib, toddler bed with rail, toddler bed without rail and full-size bed. We are currently only in stage two (toddler bed with rail), so only time will tell how this set holds up to the tornado that is a toddler boy!

In terms of decor, Mason’s letters were purchased on Etsy by JacquiBDesigns. The large canvas over his bed is from Homegoods, as is the lamp, baseball themed book ends, toy box and storage baskets, as well as the sports-themed shelf.

Mason’s reading nook is on my favorite parts of the room, in addition to his tee-pee and shadowbox! This corner is finished with the cutest little suede recliner, fully equipped with a tiny cup holder. It is so sweet to see Mason relaxing in his chair, with a picture book and cup of milk… and it happens every night!

Additional storage is also available in his closet. The hanging items only consist of heavier weight items, such as sweatshirts and jackets, as well as next size clothing that we’ve received or purchased up until this point.

The organizer was a wonderful (and cheap!) purchase from Amazon and contains miscellaneous items, including shoes, hats, diapers and wipes, along with clothing that is too small and needs to be vacuum-sealed for Gavin’s future use.


As you look through the space you will notice that we store very few toys in his room, other than books and that is just because of his age. When Mason is older and able to play independently and on a different floor, I will happily move his toys out of the living room and into his bedroom! Future plans also consist of purchasing a matching bookcase and desk, but for now it is perfect for a two year old!

Thanks for reading and as always feel free to reach out with any questions or comments!

– Brittany

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