Gender Reveal!

Yesterday we received the amazing news that we will be welcoming a baby BOY into our family in November! This new addition will bring our household to a family of 4, with two little boys running the show and we couldn’t be more excited!

I had a strong gut instinct since the beginning that this little bundle was going to be a boy, despite several old wives tales and daddy’s predictions, all indicating a girl.

During our anatomy scan, our sweet boy was very cooperative, allowing the ultrasound tech to capture all the necessary photos and measurements in a quick 20 minute appointment. His heart rate hovered around 153 beats per minute and he was not at all shy in showing off his little boy parts! Little man is clearly very assertive, just like daddy and his big bro!

I can already picture my two little boys running around the yard and becoming the greatest of friends. At only 20 months apart, I look forward to years of watching them learn and grow together. I already know that Mason is going to make such a wonderful big brother and will quickly show his little bro the ropes of the house and how to test mommy’s patience!  But first – let’s hope he can learn the word “gentle” before little man makes his appearance this Fall!

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– B

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