Playroom Tour

Although we have had several wonderful, summer-like days here in New England, Mason and I have been putting his playroom to good use during the extreme humidity and days of spring showers. We have made several modifications to our basement in the past few months, including changes to our office set-up, a new sectional and the addition of new toys that Mason (and his sibling(s)) will enjoy for years to come. By request, I would like to take you all on a playroom tour, documenting the set up and storage solutions that work best in our home. We still have plans to hang photos and art on the walls but for the sake of this post, the space is complete!

Probably the most noteworthy aspect of the playroom is the brightly colored gate that spans the width of the room, blocking off access to the home office, trash and stairway. This gate was once an octagon-shaped play yard that now doubles as a barrier to keep our little monster safe.

This particular gate is the North States Superyard (8 panel), which I purchased from Amazon.

For now, our storage needs are fairly minimal. We reserve the length of the gate to line up larger toys and also store other items, including soft toys, balls and blocks in small, cloth bins. In addition, we use our old media center to store puzzles, books and movies.

Within the “adult space” we have added a large sectional, complete with power recliners and armrest storage consoles. The sectional was purchases from Cardi’s Furniture and is great for entertaining. We also utilize a wicker basket (from Crate & Barrel) and a storage ottoman (from Target) for extra blankets  and pillows.

Overall, the set-up of the basement is straight-forward. It is all about finding storage solutions wherever possible and keeping the floor space open for playing. Since Mason began walking (now running) and also getting into everything on the main floor, this room has quickly become one of the most used spaces in the house. And the best part is, I can close the door at the end of the day!

Thank you for reading and please feel free to comment below or contact me directly with any questions or feedback.

– B



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