The Story Behind The Modern Juggle

Happy two months from The Modern Juggle! Thank you all for your support and readership, I hope you have enjoyed reading my posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

When I first started this blog, I was excited to dedicate some “free” time into something that was exclusively mine. As a parent and stay at home mom, I was beginning to feel like I was losing touch with things that were once my own, time being the biggest sacrifice. As parents, we dedicate so much energy and effort into ensuring that our little ones are cared for, are happy and are healthy (as we should), often without taking our own needs into consideration. Though nothing makes me happier and more fulfilled than seeing my son thrive, I have come to realize that my needs are important as well. So… I began to think of ways that I could enjoy my personal time, while also expressing myself. That, coupled with a love of writing and passion for home organization / cooking, the Modern Juggle was born!

Although this blog was derived as a fulfilling activity for me, I hope that it has also provided you with something positive as well. While I will continue with my current posting format, I am now interested in hearing from YOU! What would you like to see from my blog in the future? What types of content inspire you the most? Is there a particular area of your home that you would like to see organized? Please comment below or contact me directly!

Again, thank you all for the support and I look forward to sharing more with you in the future.

All the best,



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