Pregnancy Update: 15 Weeks 

At 15 weeks (tomorrow) I am so happy to report that I am officially into the second trimester of my pregnancy!

We were fortunate enough to see our growing babe on ultrasound at 12.5 weeks and all was developing perfectly. Our little one was camera happy and cooperated for several amazing profile shots. With a heart rate averaging around 157, any guesses as to whether this growing bean is a boy or a girl?!?


I am very lucky in that my symptoms continue to be fairly minimal, with intermittent nausea only when fasting for too long between meals and snacks. While I was violently ill just last week, all signs pointed to an unrelated stomach bug, rather than pregnancy-related complications, which is a relief.


These days I find myself craving all sorts of baked goods, from chocolate chip cookies to muffins and coffee cakes. YUM! Greg and I continue to count down the days until we find out the gender of this little love bug. We are already talking up the new arrival with Mason and have even taught him to say “baby”. It is seriously too cute!

We are beyond excited for all that is to come with our growing family and look forward to sharing more pregnancy related details in the new future. Stay tuned!

 – B


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