Linen Closet Organization

Depending on location and size, linen closets can be multi-functional storage areas within your home, housing a variety of items, ranging from towels, sheets and paper goods, to toiletries and cleaning products.

Many household linen closets may seem too small to be functional or may store too many randomly sized / shaped items to maintain organization. However, these misconceptions can be put to rest with a few quick and easy tips.

Here is a sneak peak into two linen closets within my home, including the guest bathroom closet, as well as the second floor hall closet. Although the items contained within these two areas vary, both spaces benefit from the same organizational hacks that enhance the aesthetic and also create a functional and user friendly space.

  • Optimizing the Fold: Gone are the days that you toss randomly folded sheets and towels onto any shelf within your linen closest. This not only looks messy and makes items hard to distinguish, but also creates uncomfortable creases and wrinkles on surfaces that come in contact with your gentle  skin. To create the perfect fold every time, fold your bath towels in thirds, length wise. Then fold them in half (lenthwise) once and then in half again.

  • Storage Baskets: Group together and store back up toiletries, cleaning products, paper goods, medication and travel sized accessories in designated baskets within your linen closet for quick and easy access and identification. The bins and baskets within my closets were purchased from Michael’s (natural woven baskets), Bed Bath & Beyond (chocolate colored bins) and Target (navy  blue Toilet Paper basket and teal wire baskets).

  • Shelf Space: Consider items that you use most frequently or products that you would like your guests to find easily and store them at eye level. Utilize lower shelves for child friendly items, such as bath toys and keep reserve higher shelving for cleaning products, in order to keep them out of reach of children and pets.

I hope these tips will be helpful in the organization of linen closets within your home. Thank you for reading and as always, feel free to comment below with any questions or feedback or to
contact me directly!

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